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Most anyone can go to school to become a dealer, but not everybody can handle the demands of the job, and there is a small, select group of dealers who raise their performance to an art form. When you’re playing, choosing a safe online live casino and the rigth dealer can impact your trip more than you may think. Certainly you want to have fun, and you’ll make better choices when you are happy than when you are unhappy, especially if it has something to do with the job your dealer is doing.

To start with, the dealer’s attitude towards you – and their job, is likely to be obvious when you sit down and buy some chips. If they don’t smile and invite you to play with body language that say’s they are happy to be there, then you aren’t a guest, you’re just part of the furniture. And, you’ll likely get little interaction from them. That’s their choice, and your choice to play on their game. Sometimes I really don’t care about the dealer, I just want a quick game. Deal the cards and let me count-away for a half-hour and I’m happy, but at those times I really expect the dealer to be sharp. If the blackjack dealer on my game is only interested in dealing then they should really be keeping the cards in the air. I expect them to get 400 to 450 hands out per hour. If they can’t converse with me and they can’t get the hands out, what the heck am I doing on their game?

I’ve seen dealers that looked like magicians, with smooth delivery and simple moves to make the payoffs and scoop the cards. What a pleasure. It’s an art. When a craps dealer can pay-off the line without making any noise, without dropping any chips, and without having to go back to their speed stacks to get more chips, it’s a thing of beauty. On a crap game like that I don’t care if the dealer say a word to me – I’m enjoying a show!

The same goes for a quality roulette dealer. Blackjack and roulette have a lot of down time for the player if the game is busy because the dealer is working so hard to keep the layout clear, sweep it perfectly when the numbers hit, and get the payoffs right while sorting the chips in-between spins. Watch their hands and fingers, watch the way they spin the ball, you’ll be amazed by the dexterity and ability of a good roulette dealer. They also have to be awesome at math!

I like roulette for all the things it offers: the spinning ball, the layout full of chips, the dealer handling everything with ease! That’s a natural high for me. Winning is never secondary for me, but finding dealers that go past the ability of a craftsman and become artists are really something to see! Enjoy the show!