The future strategies or techniques for the Prop Betting Strategy would be based on pure logic and precise mathematical calculations which would enable to predict the results in precision. United Kingdom has been considered to be the one country that will give a break-through in the development of strategies for the future. These calculations may vary from simple arithmetic to complex questions of probability depending upon the situation at which the bet is played. This is due to the short time of decision making which is basically the essence of the Prop Betting. Some of these future strategies have been mentioned here under:

  • 1. The country, state and the city where the match will take place. Based on this, the knowledge of the level of excitement, stamina loss during the journey can be acquired. Also, aggressiveness of the fans, public support can be ascertained.
  • 2. The conditions surrounding the future transition of the players of the team towards the other team or the expectations surrounding a new player that puts a lot amount of pressure on the player affecting his performance.
  • 3. Weather forecast and the loyalty of the referee may also be a considerable factor that affects the chances of winning or losing.

After a deep analysis of these factors above mentioned, the bookmaker listed here may device appropriate and precise calculation displaying the different outcomes of a particular event. Furthermore, the value needed is always between 0 to 1 or 1% to 100% wherein 50% = 0.5, 30% = 0.3 and 7 = 0.07.thereafter the unit (1) shall be divided to know the probability value or the coefficients so needed. For instance, the 50% ratio shall be 1/0.5= 2. For 30%, it will be 1/0.3= 0.3333.

Therefore, the future of prop betting would be based on the intelligent and precise decisions based upon the mathematical calculations to ascertain the future and strategy of a particular player or situation in which the game would be played.